More Than Coffee?

Every morning I go into the same place for coffee. My choice of coffee is the sacred golden gate to the rest of the day. Most days I smile and talk to the baristas. Other days it’s a hostage situation where I speak only the necessary to rescue my caffeine. By now I know a few names. While Mark knows me as “Carol”, others know me as “What’s your name, again?” I giggle and respond with my name. One of these days I’ll figure out who – of the morning crew – spells my name with a “K”. Nevertheless, I definitely make an effort to know the names of the gifted souls that make my coffee. It feels nice to start the day interacting with people who are pleasant and nice. Strangers getting along, imagine that. It’s one of those things that makes me a softy to believe in humanity.
Today while waiting for my cup-o-miracle, I noticed something in the air with the barista and a guy that walked in. They greeted each other in a very friendly manner. The guy nervously said “How are you? What’s up? How’s it going?” All strung together. It was cute to watch as she responded also nervously “Good. Nothing much. Going good, thanks” also all strung together as she finished my coffee and handed it over the bar to me. Once I stepped away, Mr. Twinkle-in-his-eye approached the bar a little closer. The last thing I saw between them was graceful eye contact and a smile. Even if it ended there and he walked away with his coffee, it was such a sweet thing to watch. It was a refreshing feeling especially after hearing many recent stories of let downs and disappointments. Lately, all I hear is how people disguise, deceive and toy with others’ feeling. It seems like no one takes the heart serious enough.
For all I know, they were just in a good mood and I’m thinking too much into it. Either way, I’m happy they made each other smile. From the looks of it, they both will continue to smile for the rest of the day


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